Salmon Fishing

sal-webAt Westport salmon fishing, there are Captains that are licensed by the US Coast Guard, well trained, and very experienced. Although some Captains gain their experience by being commercial fishermen, most of these Captains got started in the business by working as crewmembers. These Captains and crewmembers work very hard at meeting all of the requirements of the visiting anglers. Their business is the success and enjoyment of our visiting anglers. Visiting anglers to Westport have one of the best success rates on the Pacific Coast. Salmon fishing in Westport is a wonderful experience and very affordable.

Although the primary Chinook or king salmon season starts in July, they can also be caught as early as June.  There is a reason that Westport is known as the salmon capital of the world for these mighty fighting sport fish. Westport is the best place on the entire West coast to catch Chinook or king salmon. Chinook or king salmon weighing 30, 40, and even 50 pounds arenít uncommon. Silver or Coho salmon fishing really gets going in July, August and September.

Salmon will be concentrated wherever the bait is located. It isnít uncommon to find the best salmon fishing wherever there are schools of herring. These are the areas where the salmon will be actively feeding. Visiting anglers can usually find Coho or silver salmon on the surface of the water down to between 10 and 40 feet. Downrigger trolling, motor mooching and mooching are the methods for catching salmon that are used the most. Westport salmon fishing uses these methods as well as a fresh cut plug herring or anchovy, which are the best baits to use in Westport.
The Captain and crewmembers that go Westport salmon fishing provide safe and enjoyable safe salmon fishing trips on the Pacific Ocean. All of their fishing boats are inspected and approved for service by the US Coast Guard to ensure the safety of all visiting anglers. These fishing vessels have the latest and the best navigation and latest fish finding equipment.

It is a common occurrence to hear a visiting angler cry out ìfish onî when they are enjoying Westport salmon fishing action. Those words stimulate excitement for everybody onboard on any fishing vessels including the Captain and the crewmembers. The excitement of a nice fish on the end of the line while fishing the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful day is the experience of a lifetime.

This year, the WDWF (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) has announced that the number of fishing days in Westport has been limited to five, Sunday through Thursday. This helps to make sure that the maximum catch isnít reached prematurely and therefore necessitate an early closure. The fishing efforts are increasing and the success rates for visiting anglers continues to improve. This is a great time for fishing off of the Westport coast and the salmon fishing in Westport continues to build at this pace.

Many visiting anglers are drawn to the waters of Westport because salmon are so highly prized by most visiting anglers. Westport is known as the salmon capital of the world. The fishing seasons in Westport are regulated by the WDFW, which is located in Marine Area 2, as defined by the agency. During open seasons, there is a daily limit of two salmon that may be kept per visiting angler. This regulation has been in effect since 2011. During the summertime, silver or Coho salmon must be at least 16 inches long and Chinook or king salmon must be at least 24 inches long.

It is difficult to beat a cut plug of herring or anchovy trolled with a Fish Flash behind a downrigger or trolled alone for those visiting anglers who want to catch a large king or Chinook salmon on light fishing tackle. Westport salmon fishing understands that it doesnít get any better than having the only thing between a large king or Chinook salmon and the visiting angler is two hooks.

Westport salmon fishing offers visiting anglers the opportunity to fish for the Pacific Coho or Chinook salmon. Every year salmon season opens during the second week of April each year, but the best time to catch the Chinook or king salmon is between June and July. The usual salmon fishing trip is about eight hours long, although two and three day salmon fishing trips are available. The typical bait is fresh or frozen herring or anchovies and on light fishing tackle with a test leader of between 20 and 25 pounds. A large king or Chinook can be all a visiting angler can handle. There are courteous deckhands available who will clean and bag the salmon. Visiting anglers can have their catch shipped by a local cannery, stored, smoked, canned, or vacuum packed. Visiting anglers will enjoy the fishing experience of a lifetime when fishing for salmon in Westport, Washington.