Rock Cod Fishing

Most Westport rock cod fishing trips last a full day heading out around 6:00AM and returning about 3:00PM. Usually, the day is started rock cod fish on light tackle. Visiting anglers will be fishing suspended fish on rocks and reefs using light tackle. The fish will usually be located within the top 50 feet of water. After visiting anglers have caught their limit of 10 of these delicious fish the remainder of the day will be spent catching the larger lingcod. There is a 2 fish limit on lingcod. Visiting anglers are encouraged to bring their own fishing tackle. However, most Westport rock cod fishing charters will rent fishing tackle.

The bait used to catch rock cod is usually either plastic grubs or live anchovies. Many times rock cod can be caught on 4 inch to 7 inch swimming baits. Between 4 and 12 ounce banana sinkers and a #40 mooching leader with between 4/0 and 5/0 hooks are used. There is a small charge for filleting the fish that visiting anglers catch.

Anglers trying to catch rock cod will probably cast their lines in Westport more frequently than visiting anglers trying to catch halibut or salmon. Just north of Westport, the ocean floor offers a large population of rock cod. The fishing season for rock cod is between the middle of March and the middle of October. Visiting anglers of all fishing skill levels and all ages will enjoy this fishing trip, especially the beginning anglers.

The average rockfish weighs between 11 and 26 pounds, is between 10 and 12 inches in length, and has a lifespan of between 30 and 50 years. The species that live closer to shore species are shorter lived and faster, which makes them less susceptible to overfishing.  The fisheries for rockfish are highly regulated under both federal and state laws.

The name rock cod comes from their natural habitat. They can be found on the rocks that are located on the bottom of bodies of salt water such as the Pacific Ocean. They will usually remain in the same location for breeding and food purposes. Therefore, a GPS is used to mark a good fishing location and an electronic fish locater to find the fish.

Different environments will cause different kinds of rockfish congregate. For instance, the deeper the water the larger vermillion rock cod will be, and grass cod like the seaweed in shallower water. Depending on their spawning season, which is usually the last part of summer, some rockfish will change locations. Therefore, when visiting anglers are having difficulty finding them in August, Westport rock cod fishing will move the fishing vessel to shallower water where they are more likely to be spending their spawning season.

Water and weather conditions can play a large role in the success that visiting angles have in catching them since rockfish like to stay in the same location. On a windy day or the current is heavy, the rock cod fishing Captain may have a difficult time keeping the fishing vessel in the same location, which will make it difficult for visiting anglers to attract the fish by jigging their bait. We will use a device such as a drift sock, which is attached to the end of the fishing vessel and will act as a kind of parachute to keep the fishing vessel from drifting too much in the event of heavy current or high wind.

Using the right bait is the key to catching any species of fish. A worm on just any hook wonít catch rockfish. Jigs are very effective since rockfish spend much of their time in the crevices and cracks on the ocean floor of the ocean and jigs have quick, jagged movements. Visiting anglers need to use jigs that have plenty of action, that will move up and down rapidly and have a lot of motion. The reason for this is that rockfish are attracted to rapid movements. For those visiting anglers who would prefer using live bait and donít want to use a jig, some of the favorite food of the rockfish are anchovies. However, visiting anglers will need to attach a weight on the end of their line in order to sink the bait and help with the movement. Our rock cod fishing crewmembers will help all visiting anglers with this and everything else that they might need.

Westport offers visiting anglers some of the best rock cod fishing in the Pacific Northwest. It is necessary for visiting anglers to know the right places to fish, have the right equipment, and probably some luck in order to be successful at fishing for rockfish. Westport rock cod fishing can provide visiting anglers with everything but the luck.

So far 2013 has been a banner year for fishing for rock cod. The rock cod season runs between May 1st and December 31st. The rock cod depth restriction is out to 240 ft. Our Captains and crewmembers are having another great year fishing for rock cod.