Westport Fishing Charters

Westport, Washington is home to one of the largest charter fishing fleets on the West Coast. The success rate, quality, and value of the fishing excursions are outstanding. Westport fishing charter fishing trips run regularly starting in March and running through October. These fishing charters will take their visiting anglers out to fish for bottom fish such as rock cod and ling cod, as well as halibut, king and Chinook salmon, silver or Coho salmon, and albacore tuna. Westport fishing is extremely popular with local and visiting anglers. This is charter fishing at its best in Westport.

The total quota for Chinook salmon is 23,500 and for Coho salmon are 27,600. Westport fishing charter looks forward to showing visiting anglers how to have a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

There is great fishing both in the rivers and in the ocean during June. The rivers offer visiting anglers spring Chinook, which have been having a great run recently, and the ocean bottom fishing is spectacular offering lots of species, including ling cod, rockfish, and sea bass.

In La Push (Area #) the summer salmon seasons have been set. Between 22 and 28 June, visiting anglers can keep two clipped Chinook salmon. The summer season start on 29 June and visiting angler s can keep two salmon, Coho or Chinook. The season is open seven days a week. Wild Coho salmon must be released while the Chinook salmon can be wild or hatchery. Also, during the odd years, Pink salmon are available. Along with two Coho or Chinook salmon visiting anglers can retain two pink salmon.

The fishing season for rock cod is open seven days a week all year around. The limit is ten fish for each visiting angler with the exception of the Canary rock cod and the Yelloweye, which arenít permitted to be retained.

Ling cod can be fished for seven days a week, from March 16 until October 12. The limit for ling cod is two for each visiting angler. The fishing season for halibut is from May 5 until May 21 on Tuesdays and Sundays. After May 21 the fishing season is closed on the following Tuesday and Sunday. The season might be reopened for either Tuesday or Sunday or both if there is additional quota.

The fishing season for Chinook salmon is seven days a week between June 8 and June 22. The Chinook salmon that are kept must have an adipose fin clip that has healed. The Chinook salmon must be at least 24 inches long and there is a limit of two fish.

The fishing season for all species of salmon including Pink, Coho, and Chinook is between June 23 and September 30. The fishing season albacore tuna is seven days a week between early July and the middle of October.
For many visiting angler who want the ideal escape from the daily grind a La Push Washington guided charter or river trip is the answer. Visiting anglers with angling expertise between novice and expert are accommodated.

This past summer, limits of king (Chinook) salmon limits have been caught. Earlier in the season, rough waters were plaguing many visiting anglers fishing early albacore off the Washington coast. However, Westport Fishing Charters did manage to find some fish.

Westport albacore fishing for visiting recreational anglers usually takes place between 50 and 100 miles off of the coast of Washington. Sometimes, but rarely, they have been known to come in as close as 15 miles, but occasionally the albacore will come in as close as 35 miles. These recreational albacore tuna fishing excursions can last from one to three days, depending on the distance required to travel to the albacore tuna fishing grounds.

Westport halibut fishing offers visiting anglers the opportunity of a lifetime to go fishing for the giant halibut. The depth of the water that holds halibut is usually between 600 and 700 feet. Our fishing vessel might have to travel as far as 50 miles from Westport in order to fish for halibut, depending are where the fish are located on the edge. The edge of the continental shelf is the fishing grounds for halibut, which about 25 miles from Westport. For that reason, this fishing trip usually leaves before daylight.

At Westport fishing charters, visiting anglers will appreciate our service as well as the care that their catch will receive, both of which are the best in the business. This isnít some bargain basement fishing experience in spite their very competitive prices. These charters provide the best fishing experience in the business in addition to quality fishing tackle. Their fishing vessels are inspected by the Coast Guard and are comfortable and fast. In addition, they will also provide the best overnight accommodations in the Westport fishing fleet. Westport offers visiting anglers the fishing experience of a lifetime.