Bottom Fishing

One of the best bottom fishing locations on the entire West Coast is Westport, Washington. Every year angler from all over the nation come and fish in Westport. There are many different kinds of fishing trips available that are great fun for all levels of fishing experience and ages.

Bottom fishing trips are especially fun for children who are ready to try ocean fishing for their first time. There will be plenty of deck hands around to show them how to land the big ones. Many people prefer the whiter tender filets of bottom fish to salmon. There is always plenty of action, and after a full day of fishing, donít forget your deckhands. They will fillet your catch for a small charge and only work for tips. Bottom fishing trips run between March and October. Westport bottom fishing is the way to enjoy some exciting Lingcod and Rockfish fishing action.

While enjoying your Westport bottom fishing for rockfish experience your cooperation is expected so that everybody can go fishing for Lingcod. While they are fishing for Rockfish and hugging the bottom expecting the other people on the boat to catch their Rockfish for them, we might wind up catching a few Lingcod rather than the 30 or 40 we might have had if everybody had cooperated. When the Rockfish are on top, only one or two people going to deep can put the school down and cause them to stop biting. That is the reason that your cooperation is expected.

Everybody is encouraged to bring their own light fishing tackle. When the Rockfish are up and the current is down there is great to be had. Because the main goal is fishing for lingcod later, nobody should be gearing up to fish to light fishing tackle. The fishing might be as much as 300 feet deep if that is where the lingcod are biting or where the biggest Rockfish are located. When the Rockfish are hungry, fishing for them with jigs usually works well. However, if they are biting on jigs, be prepared to switch over to live bait quickly.

At Westport bottom fishing, anglers will appreciate the service, which is second to none and the care that the fish receives. If anglers donít want to bring their own fishing tackle, Westport bottom fishing can provide the right kind of fishing tackle for the fish being fished for. Anglers donít need a pound of lead and a broomstick to catch a three pound fish.
Fishing out of Westport is a favorite because of the excitement of catching bottom fish. In addition, these bottom fish are delicious tasting. Off of the coast of Westport, the action packed fight with yellowtail rockfish and black rockfish is fast and furious, The Westport bottom fishing experience is fun for all ages of anglers and all skill levels. Westport bottom fishing for rockfish and lingcod is fun for the whole family.

Anglers who fish for bottom fish out of Westport bring home plenty of delicious white meat fillets of fish. These fishing excursions run between middle March and late October. If the weather permits, some charters run all year round. Charter fishing will take up the entire day and leave early in the morning and returning between 3:00PM and 4:00PM. Usually the first fish that are targeted are the black rockfish, if time permits, anglers will fish for lingcod.  Usually lingcod will weigh between 12 pounds and 50 pounds to 50 pounds and rockfish will weigh between one pound and two pounds. There are some fishing excursions where rockfish are caught incidentally and lingcod are specifically targeted. The best live bait is frozen herring or anchovies. There are canneries locally that will vacuum pack fish fillets for a small charge.

Most anglers who embark of these fishing excursions either catch close to the limit or limit out on rockfish and catch some lingcod. Sometimes, when the fishing is really good, double limits of both species are caught.

Catching bottom fish in Westport is what fishing is all about. The fishing vessel will leave the boat basin in Westport, Washington, and then leave Grays Harbor, and head up the coast for between seven and twenty miles. Usually anglers see all kinds of marine life during the trip. On the ocean floor in the fishing area, there are several rocky areas that are home to numerous lingcod and rockfish. The captain will slow down as the fishing vessel approaches the fishing location and drive around to look for fish on the fish finder. Sometimes it just takes more looking and sometimes there is a bunch of fish on the first stop, but sooner or later the fish will be located. Usually the rockfish are fished for first and then the remainder of the day is spent fishing for lingcod.